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Warranty Policy

All new Gaoke VOIP products come with 1 years manufacture warranty.The warranty period starts on the date of delivery from Gaoke, please contact us our sales team to extend warranty service, additional cost will be charged accordingly. Gaoke provides Limited Warranty for its product only to the person or entity that originally purchased the product from Gaoke or its authorized reseller or distributor. Gaoke will fulfill the warranty obligations according to the local warranty policy of the country which you purchased Gaoke product. Currently we only provide Hardware warranty,as such these are the only documented return policies, however as more hardware vendors are added this document will be expanded.


Gaoke Hardware Replacement Procedure:

Step 1: Contact Gaoke in mail: Provide the related information as below:

 Name                                                              Country                                                             
 Tel.    E-mail  
 Model    Serial Number  
 Occasions    Agent/Gaoke  
 Description of the Problem:

Once verifying your information, we will provide you with a case number.
Step 2: If your situation is within the scope of Gaoke local distributor, we will forward your case number to the local distributor. They will provide the warranty service for you. If not,  we will run through some remote troubleshooting.
Step 3: If we are unable to fix the issue,please send the faulty unit along with the power adapter ONLY.  Please include the Gaoke case number and your contact details as well.
Step4: Once the defective product is received, we will send back a replacement unitand inform the customer of the tracking number. The warranty period shall not be extended and is to be calculated from the product

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