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  • V2060-SE is the powerful IP Voice Switch System. It can be used in Middle and Small office environment, multi-branch companies and organization, and people travel frequently. V2060-SE compromises the merits of embedded mode and server construction mode with robustness and scalability.
  • V2050-SE are able to access operators IMS or NGN network platform to realize convergence of fixed and mobile terminals.
  • V2060-SE integrates capabilities of IP-PBX, Trunking Gateway, Telephone conference serve and AG, and V2060-SE support mainstream IP Phone, Gateway or other VOIP devices.
  • V2060-SE has 4 modularized slots, 32 FXS Slot, 32 FXO Slot, 32FXS/FXO mixed Slot. the maximum of V2060-SE can support 4 digital trunking and provide 2 upstream lines(including 1 optical port) and 2 downstream internet ports.


Traditional PBX switch function Supports E1 digital trunking and IP trunking
Intelligent route  Direct Inward dialing(DID)
Extension Authority Management  T.38 FAX
Music Hold  Ringgroup
Automatic Call Distribution  CALL Records
Call conference  Voice Mail
Sound recording  Virtual group
Multi-group Editable IVR  Supports web、telnet、Serial port
Supports SNMP  Supports NTP protocol, proofread local clock
by network clock source
Supports some languages  



  • Supports 128 analog subscribers and 3000 SIP-IP users
  • Supports 2 LANs and 2 WAN (including 1 GE optical port)
  • The maximum of digital trunking is 4 lines,120 ohm RJ45 or 75 ohm BNC interface as optional
  • 4 slots can be installed FXS/FXO or LAN slot
  • Supports FXS/FXO mixed board, the maximum is 32 lines
  • LAN board supports 810/100M adaptive port


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